PP4CE Activities started

24 juli 2017

Based on the success of the PP4C concept in Holland, Geerd Jansen, general manager of the Brecon Group, started to think about the possibilities to start up an international version of this strategic alliance. As a former Board member of BASF Coatings AG, he is well aware of the actual priorities of top management. Therefore Brecon is absolutely convinced of the success introducing PP4CE.  Designing, supplying and building turn-key controlled environment areas like cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical market, laboratories in the chemical market or high care areas in the food industry, on a global scale, by the same partner, is new and innovative!

Controlled environment areas, with classified clean air, constant temperature and humidity and specific working conditions, are becoming more and more important. Knowing that these areas are complex, expensive and very important in the process of creating added value, you don’t want to be surprised with different building principles or materials / technology in the series of countries you are active. A CEO likes to see everywhere in his facilities similar, reliable ánd cost effective working areas, having risk management and compliance in the back of his mind as important management tasks. No surprises, that is important to keep focussed on his entrepreneurial mission!

Having these thoughts, Geerd started to look for an international partner in HVAC technology. Together with Ton Fens, director Air Handling in Europe for Stulz GmbH, they convinced the top management in Hamburg. The Stulz Group is a family owned company with 1,2 billion € T.O. 60% of this T.O. is created in the automotive industry (Montaplast) and the 40% T.O. left, is created by supplying HVAC technology on a global scale. Stulz has Stulz subsidiaries in 17 countries, 7 production plants in Europe, USA, India and 2 plants in China and more than 140 exclusive sales and service partners on all continents.

The Brecon Group is proud to have Stulz as a PP4CE partner, but is also very happy and excited about the participation of the following international and professional partners: 

  • Deerns, International Engineering Consultants
  • Van Aken Concepts, Architecture and Engineering
  • AssaAbloy, world’s leader in entrance systems
  • BCE, an international company specialised in building CE constructions
  • Mennen Cleanroom Cranes, worldwide active in lifting technology
  • Bolidt, one of worlds leaders in artificial flooring technology

In the meantime Brecon is working on a first concept in Leuven Belgium, creating a cleanroom for cleaning medical devices, together with Stulz Benelux B.V.  And last Friday we gave a first presentation about cleanroom technology to a sister company of one of our Dutch customers, out of Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka Stulz is represented by ACCESS, one of the top leading companies in this country with a wide range of disciplines. So if these nice people we met last Friday go home they will be invited by a local company in order to continue the conversation regarding this future investment. That’s how it works and we are all very exited of these first steps.

We keep you posted about development of the PP4CE concept in the coming months, with the presentation of our website somewhere in September and lots of further initiatives to introduce this new concept on a global scale!! 

Working with PP4CE International means:

1.     A single contact person for all disciplines

2.     Excellent price/quality ratio

3.     Integration of knowledge from different disciplines

4.     Innovative and sustainable solutions for complex problems