Brecon Group

The Brecon Group’s reputation for excellence in cleanroom design and construction is largely built on its consistent delivery of high-quality products in the semiconductor industry over the past few decades, with ASML as its key partner. Yet our field of activity covers many other market sectors. We regularly complete successful clean environment projects in all other industrial and pharmaceutical segments, as well as in the health and medical devices sectors.

We believe that creating the right design based on your requirements specification (URS), as well as delivering, building and fitting out a cleanroom correctly and to a high standard, will result in a good, pleasant (GMP) work environment of the highest level. Once the cleanroom has been delivered and classified at the required ISO 14644 level, it is also important to ensure that the required conditions are maintained throughout the period of use. That means more than just good maintenance and an annual integrity test! The right code of conduct, a good cleaning plan and the right clothing rules are at least as important. Many new cleanroom users are not aware of this aspect – and nor are some more experienced users!

With its diverse range of products and services, Brecon Group aims to provide an 'all-in-one concept' for optimal clean environment technology, from the moment of commissioning and throughout the lifetime of a cleanroom or laboratory. All Brecon business units warrant that claim, and have the knowledge and experience to provide you with optimum service.

Do you have any plans to renovate your cleanroom or laboratory, or do you need a new fit-out? Are you looking for a good partner to design and build a cleanroom somewhere at your company site? Or do you need help working out the right clothing rules or drawing up a periodic maintenance schedule?

If the answer is yes, get in touch to learn more about our 'all-in-one' service package and find out what it is like to work with a company that has stood for the core values of flexibility, quality, reliability and integrity for more than 27 years.


Brecon Group develops and builds innovative controlled environment concepts that facilitate working in clean air and prevent the contamination of people or products. In all our activities, we aim to create added value for our stakeholders at the economic, social and ecological level.