Brecon Cleanroom Systems

Brecon Cleanroom Systems B.V. is part of the Brecon Group in Etten-Leur. We specialise in the design and construction of dust-free, germ-proof cleanroom systems. We offer our services to clients in the semi-conductor, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as to others, such as data centres. Our years of experience and broad expertise ensure innovative (turnkey) solutions that satisfy the client’s wishes, standards, regulations and preconditions, right down to the details.

At Brecon Cleanroom Systems we work unceasingly on continued developments and new innovative products so that we can always offer the latest optimum solutions. Wherever necessary, these are fully customised. Flexibility, quality, reliability and transparency are the factors that underpin our success and that have put us in the number-one spot in the Benelux countries during the past 25 years.
Brecon Cleanroom Systems ‘When the right conditions are critical’


The Brecon Group develops and builds innovative cleanroom concepts that facilitate working in clean air and prevent the contamination of people or products. In all our activities we aim to create added value for our stakeholders, at the economic, social and ecological level.